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I'm Grace. I'm 20, almost a senior in college, and a little crazy. This is me trying to kick my ass back into shape. We'll see what happens.
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So I got some Arctic Zero (Chocolate PB) at the store tonight as a kind of treat…and I actually really love it.  It’s not quite ice cream at all but for 150 calories for the whole thing (which I don’t think I can even eat) it’s pretty delicious.  It’s a good way of indulging without indulging food-wise.


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Really proud of myself.

Intuitive eating has definitely been a learning curve.  I’m not perfect yet but overall it makes me a lot happier (and thus healthier, at least mentally) about food.  I’m usually making good choices and sometimes maybe I go over calorically, and sometimes I go under.  This is sustainable.  It lets me enjoy things.

Tonight, though, was the best.  We went out to Applebees, because it’s $5 burgers.  So I got a bacon cheddar cheeseburger.  I ate the whole patty, only 1/4 of the bun, and I had about 10-15 fries.  I left a lot of food on my plate and I know I did amazing.  And I’m going to have some yogurt later (if I’m hungry!) and call it a day.

I am starting to run agian tomorrow, so fingers crossed my ankle behaves.  It’s at least better now just walking (aka it doesn’t send sharp pains up my leg.)

You guys got this!

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"As powerful as our legs are, as magnificent as our lungs and arms and muscles are, nothing matters more than the mind."
Scott Jurek, Eat & Run (via run-well)

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Revamp again (I should have started this way.)

I have to stop counting calories.  Like I remember from last year, I OBSESS about them and then when I get close to not having any, I binge and eat a ton.  Or they make me so upset.  It’s not healthy at all, my relationship with calorie counting.  So after eating 1/3 a roll of cookie dough tonight and a box of Swedish fish and going through some serious stages of self-loathing, here are my new and improved food rules.


2.  Eat well.  Eat lots of veggies and fruits.  Eat oatmeal and PB.  Eat whole grains and protein.  Eat only when you’re hungry.  But when you are hungry - eat!  But eat well - no chips/candy.  PB toast.  String cheese.  You know.

3.  Don’t buy shit food.  End of story.  No.

4.  Don’t be afraid to enjoy meals.  Yes - deep dish isn’t healthy.  You don’t eat it every night, so enjoy it when you do and don’t think about calories AT ALL.  Have the cupcake on someone’s birthday.  Have a drink. 

5.  Food is not the enemy.

6.  Your weight doesn’t determine your self-worth.

7.  (Forgot this one) Still pay attention to serving sizes.  Have a serving of pretzels.  It doesn’t matter if there are 110 or 3000 calories in that serving (haha) but know that a serving is 20 pretzels.  Eat that, and that alone.

8.  Along with 7, if you have a snack, drink .75L of water and wait 1/2 an hour before you decide you’re still hungry and need something else.  (Guess what, Grace, you’re probably not.)

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Sometimes it’s good to track a binge because yes I did eat a whole package of Sour Patch Watermelons but they surprisingly didn’t put me that much over, and I feel much better about everything.

That being said, I need to kick my eating habits back into gear tomorrow.

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Workout: Well I really pushed myself last week, probably too hard, so I had a really sore ankle yesterday during my 4.3 mile run (it was supposed to be 4.75 but I stopped and walked the rest)…and so I decided to take today off (and tomorrow, by extension, as it is a rest day) and then Tuesday I’m going to try just 3 miles and hope for the best.  I also went biking yesterday and holy shit I am out of biking shape.  But hopefully Tuesday will be a decent run, then Wednesday I can try 4 miles, and Thursday around 4/4.3 again.  Fingers crossed!!

Food: I’ve been having a bit of a rough week, but yesterday I kinda got back on track by making yummy but healthy food.  (It’s also been the 4th so I can’t beat myself up too much!)

And that’s where I am right now!

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